T•J•Maxx T-Shirt Haul

Y’all will come to learn that I love TJMaxx. Like, a lot. Even today I had to cut myself off, and forced myself to leave, after a certain amount of time. I was in desperate need of some new t-shirts and the ones I got today are mostly by the brand Zenna Outfitters. This brand is so soft and I’m all about comfort when it comes to t-shirts. I also love basic but classic colors like black, white (if you consider that a color), navy, grey, and classic stripes. I went a little crazy today and even threw in a couple of pink-ish (**gasp**) colors. If you know me at all you know that pink is not really my favorite color, but the texture and softness of these shirts changed my mind. The even greater thing about TJMaxx is that you can find high-quality, durable, and wearable clothing for very reasonable prices. I think the majority of these shirts were $5.99. If you’ve never been to TJMaxx and are in need of some new, basic but classic, clothes, go check it out!

Until next time! Love from, Amy.


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