Hi there! Thank you for clicking on over to this page to learn a little more about me. I am a born and raised Oklahoma girl with a heart for all things related to Jesus, learning, family, travel, nature, and food/coffee. I hope to share many of those experiences with you on the blog.

I have a Master’s degree in Social Work and I currently work full-time in the social work field. I was inspired to pursue this career path because of the influences others have had on my life and I hope to be that to someone else, and to help those in crisis. I created this blog to be a creative outlet and a form of self-care.

I enjoy running, baking, reading, exploring new places, eating sno cones, and spending time with friends. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, or to be completely honest, a Nike shorts and t-shirt kind of girl. I have Celiac Disease and always appreciate discovering new recipes, stores, coffee shops, and restaurants that allow me to eat all kind of gluten-free food. I love food.

I began blogging in 2015 as a way of writing about things I am passionate about. Blogging has since become a creative outlet to me and I enjoy the process of planning, creating content, and taking photos. In the last year, I have been connected with other bloggers who have become inspirations to me and they have helped boost my creativity.

The blog name “Love From Amy” was chosen almost instantly. The blog was originally named “Sentimental Septemberist” but after a while, that name did not portray anything I was about and I was not motivated to continue creating content. I did not have a passion to pursue with that title. But I got to thinking about another title, I realized that my name, Amy, means “dearly loved, beloved.” I am all about loving people and hopefully making sure that they are shown love, and from there the name was born. The things that I share with you are things from my heart that I hope you can enjoy, appreciate, and become inspired! I have passion now because this blog reflects my life passion.

So, welcome! I can’t wait to go through this journey of life with you.