September Favorites

I can’t believe today is the last day of September!! It’s so sad when the month you look forward to all year is over so fast. I hope you had a great month and that you enjoyed keeping up with the Fall themed posts during September. Here are some of the things that I have been absolutely loving this month.

Senita Race Day Pants. This company is brilliant because they had the amazing idea to put in pockets for your iPhone! I am really picky when it comes to what I wear when running because I start to feel claustrophobic if I have on a bunch of arm bands, waist belts, etc. These pants have 2 zipper side pockets, one on each side, and they are of a thick material. These have been great to run in and you can put so many things in the side pockets–your keys, gel packets, iPhone, some cheese puffs, an extra pair of shoes, and a pair of angry eyes just in case. (If you know what I’m quoting then we can be friends)

Retinol Serum. This product and the next one I will mention have totally transformed my problem skin and have given me major results. I’m so happy and excited about these two because they are also very inexpensive compared to some of the other things I have tried in the past to no avail. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and is a component of Retin-A which is found in many acne treating products. Some of the benefits are anti-wrinkle properties, reducing hyper pigmentation, and increasing cell turnover–which helps fight even cystic acne. I found this serum at TJMaxx and is was around $6, yay! I usually use 4-5 pump and press if on my skin after washing and before using a moisturizer. I alternate this and the next products every other night.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This serum helps to secure moisture and helps other products to sink in even more effectively. I love using this after I use harsher products because it helps to soothe and repair skin too. Hyaluronic acid also has anti-aging properties as well. I ordered this serum off of Amazon and it was a really great price for the size of bottle.

Seaside Autumn Yankee Candle. I love this scent so much and I only use it during the fall months. The ocean and autumn are some of my favorite things ever so a combination of the two is just bliss. To me, this smells just like being wrapped up in a warm sweater while you’re sitting on the sand watching the waves roll in.

Zenni Optical Glasses. These frames are new to me this month and they go with everything! I love the tan color of these frames and the way they look with blonde hair. is a great website to find super affordable glasses and you can just plug-in your prescription and you’ll have them mailed to you in about a week!

Miranda TV Series. OMG. If you like British telly (if you don’t then we can’t be friends) and you like to laugh, then this is the show for you! Furthermore, if you like Call the Midwife then you’ll love it even more because the star character of this show is played by Miranda Hart who played Chummy! P.S.–who besides me has been having Chummy withdrawals on Call the Midwife?? This show is based around the character Miranda and her every day awkward encounters, behavior, relationships, and family. I feel like Miranda would get me because sometimes I feel like I can be “Queen of Awkward” and those situations just follow me around. This is what I call a good show. Such fun!

What are some of your September favorites?

Love from, Amy.


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