How to Style Long Hair

It’s graduation season, wedding season, baby shower season, party season, etc! So many fun things happen in the summer and it’s usually a great time to have special events. With those special events come the special hair, makeup, and dress. If you have long hair like I do and struggle with how to style it for any of these events, I’ve included 4 super easy styles for you to try out.

Big Curls

After washing and drying hair, or using dry shampoo, section off your hair into medium size pieces. I used a 1 inch curling iron and wrapped each curl for about 20-25 seconds until hot. After the curls cooled down a little bit, I ran my fingers through my hair and then finished off by using Garnier Full & Plush Volume Hairspray. This is my favorite hairspray to use because it fights off humidity frizz like nothing else. You can’t go wrong with bouncy curls for any occasion!

Fancy Schmancy Braid

This might be a little gross to some people, but I think that braids tend to behave and hold together more when your hair is a little dirty. Use some dry shampoo to absorb any visible oil and then you’re ready to start. I teased my hair at the crown of my head to give it a little more volume and to not look flat. I then parted my hair and swept it all to one side of my head. I started braiding from the part at my scalp and started French braiding it all around to the bottom. I can French braid the right way on other people but when I try on myself, it turns out like an inside-out French braid. If anyone has tips on how to train yourself to braid correctly, let me know. I used some clear elastics to secure the braid tight at the end and then pulled apart pieces of the braid to loosen it up a little bit. Use bobby pins to secure any pieces of hair that might not want to stay put and then finish off with your favorite hair spray. This look took about 3 minutes to put together and it’s also a great style for any occasion.

Sleek Pony

For this look, straighten your hair as much as possible so that it looks even longer. Comb back your hair with a brush until it is perfectly sleek and doesn’t show any bumps at all. I used my teasing comb to brush it back because the bristles are more coarse and dense and will pick up more hair. If you have issues with frizz or baby hairs poking out, use some Argan or Moroccan oil to help sleek back your hair. Use a couple of clear elastics to secure your hair super tight.

Messy but Dressy Bun

This look can easily be converted from the Sleek Pony! Take the pony tail and wrap it around until you reach the desired height and look. You can even tease the pony tail a little bit to give it more volume, which will also allow the bun to sit a little higher and more secure. Use bobby pins to attach the wrapped around hair and loosen some slicked back pieces of hair on top of your head, to give it some added dimension and texture. Finish off with hair spray! This is one of my favorite looks to do because it can be modified in so many ways and it’s super easy.



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  1. Braiding is always a little different on yourself! What is probably happening is you are braiding the outside strands under (instead of over) the middle strand. I highly recommend Kayley Melissa on YouTube for braiding!


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