Beauty Essentials for the Sunshine

Summer is officially in full swing and, man, it has been a hot/humid one here in Oklahoma! Even though it’s been hot, there has been some beautiful, sunny weather as well. I hope, wherever you are, that you’re having a great summer and that you’ve been able to enjoy the weather and sunshine. I hope that you are also protecting your skin from the sunny rays, because skin cancer and sun damage are not good. Today I’m going to share with you some different products that I enjoy using during the summer to, first of all, protect my skin and then, secondly, help my skin to glow and look healthy. This is not a sponsored blog post and all opinions are my own. Oh and another thing, this is my 100th blog post! Yay! *insert confetti emojis*


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COOLA SPF. I use the SPF brand COOLA almost exclusively because it is mineral based, natural, and does not chemically burn my sensitive skin. Compared to regular sunscreens, this brand has been highly effective for my skin type. Even though this is a face sunscreen, I have used other COOLA products on my arms and legs before because other brands either burn my skin or just don’t work.

Self-Tan for Face

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Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer. I really like using this product on my face because it goes on white but then gradually darkens. I have used some self-tan brands on my face that have turned into a bad, orange color, but this product does not do that.

Self-Tan for Body

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I have two brands of self-tan that I like to use on my arms, neck, and legs and I highly recommend them if you’re willing to invest a little. Both of these brands are long-lasting and don’t streak if you apply them with a tanning mit. Both of these brands also have an olive undertone, which means that you won’t look like an oompa loompa. On the left is Skinerals Californium Self Tanner and on the right is Xen-Tan Transform Luxe. Skinerals applies in a foam pump and the Xen-Tan applies in a lotion. Neither of these products leave a bad scent afterwards, which is something I appreciate. I have used both of these on my face before but the result looked a little too fake, if you know what I mean.

Sheet Masks

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Sheet masks are great, quick solution for dealing with dry or damaged skin during the summer. Sheet masks are a skin care trend right now so they are very easy to find in basically any drug store. I usually buy a few from Daiso any time I am in Dallas because you can get them for about $1.50. All you do to use one of these masks is peel them out of the envelope, smooth the mask on to your face, let it sit for about 20 minutes, take the mask off, and then rub remaining serum into your skin and down your neck.

Body Scrub

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A good body scrub is something that’s great to have on hand in the summer, especially for exfoliating self-tan off. I’ve really been enjoying this body scrub from the brand Soap & Glory because it is effective, it has shea butter, and it smells so good! It kind of smells like old-fashioned perfume but not in a weird way. If you get this or if you smell the product in the store, you’ll know what I mean. I have found this in the past at Ulta and Target.

Illuminating Makeup Primer

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A makeup primer can help your makeup stay on longer, especially during the heat and sweat of summer. I’ve been enjoying this primer from No7 ,that I received in a Bless Box, because it has a slight glow finish to the skin.

Base Makeup

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I’ve talked about both of these products before but they always prove to me that they’re great for wearing in the summer. The CC Cream and the Waterproof Concealer leave a healthy glow to the skin, hold up really well in the heat, and have wonderful coverage. If you have one, basic foundation or CC/BB cream and a concealer that you really get on with, I think those will be the most important things to keep your skin fresh for the summer.

Highlighter & Bronzer

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I really like using bronzers and highlighters in the summer because they can add an extra glow to sun-kissed skin, or give the illusion that you’ve been out in the sun. I have been using a few different highlighters/bronzers off and on and I think they’re really nice. The Baked Highlighters from ELF are very affordable and have really pretty shades. You have to kind of scrape off the top layer of this product, though, in order to pick up any pigment on a makeup brush. I have a photo of the swatches at the bottom.

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I received this Cargo_HD Blush/Highlighter in a FabFitFun subscription box and I have been using it for about everything–eye shadow, highlighter, bronzer, setting powder etc. The shine is very subtle but can be built up to be even more luminous.

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(Left to right: Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Blush Highlighter in the shade Pink Shimmer, ELF Cosmetics Baked Highlighter in the shade Pink Diamonds, ELF Cosmetics Baked Highlighter in the shade Moonlight Pearls)

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This liquid highlighter is really nice when you might only want to use cream products and not a powder. If you can apply a little bit of product to the back of your hand and then dab it on your face using a brush or beauty sponge, it gives a super glowy, bronzy finish.

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Nail Polish

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Bright nail polishes are a great way to  spruce up your summer look or give you a little more pep. I really like using brands like Sally Hansen, Essie, and OPI. If you can find a clear top coat that is in a gel formula, it can help your manicure or pedicure to last even longer.

What are some of your summer beauty essentials?


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  1. I need this as it’s getting really hot where I live at the minute aha! Great essentials and description! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x


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