Falmouth Cornwall: A Special Little Harbor Pt. 2​

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you part 1 of my trip to Falmouth, Cornwall in England. Today I’m sharing part 2 and will tell you all about the things that I did during my visit. If you would like to read the first post–click here.

Our first morning there, we got up early and walked down to the high street. High streets are the primary business or city streets in England. It was so quiet in the morning and no one seemed in a rush to get anywhere. The leisurely pace of life is something I definitely wanted to bring back with me to the states. After walking through the high street, we walked down to the harbor. Being near the water, watching the boats rock, and hearing the dinging of bells were definitely highlights of the morning.

After leaving the harbor, we walked through other areas of the town and observed everyday life. The people in this town were so kind and welcoming–and even suggested things we should see in the town.

After we explored the town, we hiked up to Pendennis Castle (a fort constructed by Henry VIII). The views were breathtaking and worth the trek. It did cost to be able to enter the grounds, but I think it would have been a shame to pass up the opportunity.

On our hike back down from the castle, we stopped at a beach cafe and had a hot cup of PG Tips tea. Sitting on the beach, drinking tea with my mom, and looking out to the sea was my favorite part of Falmouth. This special little harbor town left such an impression on my heart and I’ll remember that trip with such fondness.


10 Replies to “Falmouth Cornwall: A Special Little Harbor Pt. 2​”

  1. Just came across this post. Your photos of Falmouth are stunning. I lived here for four years while I studied and seeing this post has made me so pleased you had a wonderful time. Falmouth is really very special.


    1. Thank you so so much! I fell in love with that little town and would come back in a heartbeat! I’m so happy for you that you lived there for so long and that you got to enjoy it as well!

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  2. Enjoyed reading this. I live in Penry, adjacent to Falmouth and share your love of Pendennis! I take my boy their every now and then, some great views from the top of the castle! Check out my website http://www.matthewgrey.co.uk I have a couple of shots on their taken from Pendennis point at sunrise.


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