#6: Easy Lunches for a Busy Day | AD

Hello, friends! I hope that you had a good week and are getting some rest this weekend! Our week was pretty uneventful, other than some long work days, but those kinds of weeks are honestly our favorites. I love being able to enjoy evenings at home, cooking dinner, and being able to unwind without having a whole lot of responsibilities waiting. I am usually pretty good at planning our dinners for the week, but when it comes to lunch time–I’m at a loss.

My hubby pretty much eats the same thing for lunch every day (sandwich, chips, and soda) and is perfectly happy. Me on the other hand, I think I need more variety because I can get bored with food, haha! Over the last few months, I’ve discovered a handful of lunch ideas that have been working well for me, and I’ll share those today. Depending on my work day, how busy I am, and how much time I have to stop for lunch–it really varies with what I’m in the mood for to eat for lunch.

**This post also features an advertisement for Schoolyard Snacks, but more about them later in the blog post! **

  • Sandwich wraps & veggies. My favorite veggies to slice up are bell peppers and cucumbers. I’ve tried to make others work but these are the ones I tend to eat more of. I love grain-free tortillas and will make wraps with turkey and vegan cheese.
  • Hummus & veggies. If I’m not super hungry but know I need to eat lunch, this is a great option. I love picking up hummus at Aldi, they always seem to have some very unique and yummy flavors!
  • Charcuterie box. Who doesn’t love this option? I totally agree that charcuterie is the adult version of Lunchables, haha! I will typically include, turkey, salami, or chicken sausage with veggies, berries, and vegan cheese. One thing I’ve been adding to this lunch option lately is the Schoolyard Snacks Cheese Puffs. These cheese puffs are gluten-free, grain-free, and have 14 grams of protein. They are super yummy and convenient to put in your lunch bag or purse. Schoolyard Snacks was very kind to send these to me to try, through Stack Influence campaigns.
  • Tuna & veggies. I love taking tuna packets to work because they take up no space but are full of protein when I need to keep going. Veggies are also a great addition to this option. This lunch option seems to be very filling for me.
  • Kombucha and/or LaCroix. My favorite drinks to take for lunch are any kind of kombucha and pretty much any flavor of LaCroix. When I take one of these drinks for lunch, it seems to make the day and lunchtime experience and little more enjoyable.

I hope some of these might be good lunch ideas and options for you! All of them are super quick to prepare, healthy, and filing! Thank you again to Schoolyard Snacks!

Until next time, love from Amy!


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