California! Califoooornia! 

About a month ago, my family had the amazing opportunity to go on vacation together. This would have been our first family vacation since my sisters got married, had children, etc, and were we excited! We were originally going to Puerto Rico but plans quickly changed once the Zika virus became more widespread, due to the fact that one of my sisters is pregnant and we would have small children with us as well. But God is always good and ALWAYS has a plan, even when we don’t see it. We then ended up re-routing our vacation to Oceanside, CA! My mom was able to find a beach house through Airbnb or HomeAway and it was right on the water. Oceanside is so beautiful and we were thrilled to literally be at the oceanside. Our house was amazing and much more than we had originally pictured, based on the photos online. The house had this fantastic roof with chairs and lounges, not to mention the faux grass. Every morning when the sun rose around 6 or 7am, there would always be someone up on the roof watching the sunrise. I took over 600 pictures that week and have linked a few above. We had so much fun relaxing, reading, not having a schedule, being able to cook in our own space, and having the freedom to do whatever we wanted. One day we drove into San Diego and went to Coronado Island for a little while, in between picking up my brothers at the airport. Most of the other days were spent walking around Oceanside or being on the beach, watching the waves rock back and forth. The weather was a bit chilly, definitely not swim in the ocean weather, but it was perfect. A few days, in a row actually, I went with one of my sisters to this bubble tea shop, called “Bubble Tea,” if you’re ever there, and that was such a guilty pleasure! I think the girl who worked there knew what we were going to order even before we came in the door. Bless her heart. Another day we went to the San Diego Botanical Gardens and it was beautiful! There were so many different exhibits and each were definitely unique to California and not things we would usually see in Oklahoma. We may or may not have gone to In-N-Out Burger a lot….like maybe 6-7 times that whole week…but who’s counting. If you have never had In-N-Out Burger, you’re missing out. Oceanside also has this amazing farmer’s market on Thursday mornings and a street fair on Thursday nights, which we ended up going to both. There were so many booths from gluten free bakeries, and we definitely supported the local businesses, haha! See the picture in the slideshow for some of the goodies we consumed. Overall, this trip was a huge blessing for me and my family and it was a great time to re-charge, re-connect, and relax. The trip had a few bumps when it was time to come home and it definitely didn’t end the way we thought it would, but God ALWAYS has a plan and I can see now that He was in PERFECT and TOTAL control, even from the beginning of the trip planning. I am very thankful for that week and to all the people involved with making that trip happen.

I’m really excited to possibly share with you more trips that I may take this year and new places I might get to see. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our California trip! Feel free to subscribe also, to get new blog posts sent to your email 🙂

Love from, Amy.


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