Love from Amy’s Kitchen: Baking Edition.

Welcome back for another blog post from Love from Amy. In this post I will be writing all about a recent baking experience I had, which inspired an occasional series of “Love from Amy’s Kitchen” posts. I thought about making a video blog post throughout the baking process…..but that idea was quickly nixed once I got started. I wish I could say that I purposefully posed the picture above….but I did not. My biggest take away from the whole experience is that I AM A MESSY BAKER. 

Anyway, I digress. I had the opportunity to bake for a family party for my baby sister and her soon to be born baby a couple of weeks ago. I decided to bake “baby” cupcakes that were bite sized and so that people could have more than one. I baked four different recipes with all different buttercream frostings and I think they turned out pretty good! I won’t re-type the recipes on this blog but I’ll post the links below where I found the different recipes. Thank you Pinterest for the “pinspiration” for the recipes. All of the recipes I also adapted to make gluten free, I used Krusteez Gluten Free Cup for Cup flour whenever it called for all purpose flour. I also made the cupcakes 2 days beforehand and then placed them in a deep freezer until the morning that I needed to frost them. I also made the frostings the day before and refrigerated them until the morning of the party. **hint** You might need to microwave the buttercream frostings for 10 seconds or so to soften them up for the piping bag, if you plan to use one.

Basic White Cake Mix

I used this recipe’s DRY ingredients whenever any of my other recipes called for “White Cake Mix.” If you need to just make a simple white cake mix though, this is a great one to use. If needing to make it gluten free, just alternate gluten free all purpose flour for the regular flour.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting

 NUTELLA. Need I say more? These were so rich and the frosting was co creamy! I love this recipe for the cupcake itself because you boil down the chocolate mixture and the blend it in with the dry ingredients, opposed to just mixing cocoa powder in with the dry ingredients.



Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

  This was a great, basic cupcake and I added some coloring to make the frosting a light blue.







Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

  This recipe was my runner up! The pieces of strawberries in the cupcakes kept them so moist and juicy but still a solid cupcake. The frosting also called for freeze-dried strawberries, which gave such a great texture, color, and taste to the frosting.




Coconut Creme Pie Cupcakes

  MY NEW FAVORITE CUPCAKE EVER. These were amazing. The cupcake itself is made with coconut milk and shredded coconut pieces. Then, I cut out small holes in the middle of the cupcakes with a melon-baller and then piped in filling made of a mixture of coconut flavored whipped cream and vanilla pudding. THEN the frosting on top was a creme cheese buttercream mixture. **My mouth is watering again**


All of these recipes were fairly simple to make, although I might recommend that you not make all four recipes literally at once like I did. I was a little overwhelmed and it didn’t help matters when I had a little fight with the KitchenAid and there was an explosion of heavy cream, confectioners sugar, and eggs ALL over my face, neck, shirt, inside of my shirt, etc. But it’s all good because I came away with some hilarious memories.

I hope you have enjoyed this “Love from Amy’s Kitchen” post! Let me know if you bake any of these and what you think. If you have any recipes that you want me to try out, let me know 🙂

Love from, Amy.




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