June Favorites


Each month that I talk about my favorite things I always want to say “is this month already almost over???” This year has flown by so fast and today, as I’m writing this, is the first official day of summer. Summers in Oklahoma can sure be interesting– one day it may be in the 60s in the morning and another day is could be 108 by 8:00am. I have been trying to soak up as much sun as I can when I get the chance and I have a bunch of favorite things that I have been using while enjoying the sunshine.

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses: I bought these on Amazon about 2 years ago for $9.99. These have been some of the most sturdy sunnies I have ever had and they are adorable.

Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen by Coola: There’s a few things that I want to talk about when it comes to this sunscreen. First, it protects your skin from the sun, duh. Second, this one is all natural (no parabens, no fragrances, etc) which I love because other sunscreens tend to ironically burn my skin and make it break out. Third, the Zinc that is in sunscreen is an acne fighter and helps to protect and heal your skin. I never used to think that sunscreen was needed for anything other than being out in the sun, until I spoke with a dermatologist last year who told me that your skin needs protection from multiple factors and using an SPF is a great way to do that. And fourth, this sunscreen smells great and it’s super light and non-greasy.

Cover Girl True Blend Foundation: I discovered this foundation earlier this month and I have been loving it. I wanted to find another foundation less expensive than the Boots No7 one that I had been wearing for months, it started feeling too heavy and I had been going through a bottle super fast, which is $14.99. This foundation has been a great alternative! It’s super light but had great, buildable coverage. It dries with a matte/dewey finish that looks very natural. Plus, this foundation is around $8.

Sleep Cycle App: BEST ALARM EVER. I’ve been having trouble with sleep consistency/quality over the last few months and I had begun to either hit snooze way too many time without noticing/comprehending what I was doing, or I would just not hear the alarm all together and oversleep. This app has been a great way to help me stop that habit. Sleep Cycle starts to wake you up gradually while it plays music for just a few seconds, until you put your hand on the phone, and then it will do that for about 30 minutes before your alarm is actually set to go off. 30 minutes is the recommended time on the app but you can set it to start waking you up an hour or more before you actually need to wake up. You’re supposed to face your phone screen down on your mattress while you sleep and it will also track movement to measure your sleep quality. The music on the app is also really nice, it’s not too much like someone whispering for you to wake up but it’s also definitely not a fog horn blaring into your ear. Let me just tell you how I really feel about alarm sounds….haha.

Trader Joe’s Dried Mandarins: Such a good snack! I’ve been doing really well about not reaching for candy or even buying candy when I need a sugar fix. Trader Joe’s has a great selection of unique dried fruits that have been a good replacement snack. I’ve also tried the Dried Coconut, Dried Mango, and they’re all really good.

AHA by Kyle Idleman: This book hit some soft spots with me. As the title implies, this book is all about discovering and reflecting back on those moments in life when an “Aha” moment has occurred and life has been viewed in a different manner. This book is about awakening ourselves, being honest with ourselves, and taking action. Some of the chapters that meant the most to me were the ones dealing with denial, projection, and minimizing–all of which I deal with far too often. These chapters allowed me to be awoken of my habits, become honest with myself that it is happening, and form action strategies. Another thing I was made aware of is how I deal with prayer. I spend so much time asking the Lord to change things or do things in my life and yet I become skeptical when I see Him working in ways I did not imagine. This book was a good reminder to me to let go, shut up, and watch God work.


Stay tuned for more! I have a trip coming up soon that I’m SUPER excited about and can’t wait to blog that experience.

Love from, Amy.

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