Packing Light for Weekend Trip

Challenge accepted. Packing light for a trip is always a struggle for me, no matter how much I want to. A friend posted this picture on Facebook the other day and I thought it described my packing thought process perfectly….

img_4853Packing Meme

I am going on a weekend trip soon to see one of my dearest friends/soul sister and I’m determined that this time, I AM going to pack light. I will be traveling for basically one day total and will be at my destination for two and a half days, so not long at all to justify bringing everything but the kitchen sink.

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Starting on the left and going clockwise: Travel clothes with interchangeable pieces for travel days, casual shorts and 3 t-shirts, skirt outfit for dressier occasions, and swimming/hiking clothes, and pjs. I will be wearing my bulkiest shoes on the plane to minimize space in my suitcase.
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I bought 2 of these bags about 2 years ago and they have been so useful for several trips. I think I bought the set for about $20 at Target and they have been worth every penny. This bag contains all of the clothes above, with the exception of my travel clothes and a pair of jeans. These bags hold so much and really help with minimizing space when you’re trying to pack light.
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Carry-On Bag Essentials: Camera and film for those candid moments, makeup, clear quart bag with liquids, reading material, laptop, phone and ear buds, snacks (which I may have nibbled on while packing…shhh!!), small wallet, external charger for phone–lifesaver, appropriate chargers, identification, glasses/sunnies, and Emergen C/IB prophen. I almost always, without fail, become ill whenever I come back into Oklahoma following a trip (#allergyproblems #oklahomaproblems) and so it’s great to keep your immune system loaded with vitamin C.
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Finished product: Woohooo!! I think this is a success because there was still quite a bit of room in my suitcase–which I will zip up before I find anything else that I HAVE to take with me, haha!

I hope you found this useful and inspirational for trying to pack for an upcoming trip! I can’t wait to blog all about the destination and all of the fun to be had, so stay tuned!

Love from, Amy.


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