Summer Empties 

Hi there! Welcome back to another Empties post where I tell you all about the products I’ve used over the past few months and how I enjoyed/disliked them. The designated empties box under my bed was getting pretty full so it seemed like the perfect time to do this post. Nothing feels better than throwing away a bunch of trash, you know what I mean?

Let’s get started! A few of these products are ones that I have had for a while but knew I desperately needed to finish them and/or toss them.

Dr. Teals Foaming Bath Relax & Relief. After a really long and stressful day, I found myself wandering through the aisles of Wal-Mart. I found this epsom salt bubble bath and decided to give it a try to de-stress. The Eucalyptus and Spearmint scent was so calming and it really did help. I think this bottle was around $4 so not expensive at all.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (in various scents). I’ve talked about this in multiple posts but it’s basically the best dry shampoo ever.

EOS Shaving Cream. Super moisturizing and super soft results.

John Frieda Sheer Blond Shampoo. I bought the conditioner too but why is it that you always finish the shampoo bottle before? I don’t have colored hair anymore so it was hard to tell any difference when I used this. The scent was really nice though.

Xen Tan Self Tanning Products. The best self tanning lotion, ever. It is pricey though but about the price of going and getting one spray tan. This lotion turns into an olive undertone though so you don’t eat up looking orange when it develops on the skin. I bought another bottle recently and it’s been great throughout the summer. I highly recommend this product!

Alba Botanica Acne Dote Face and Body Scrub. I bought this at TJMaxx a few months ago and it lasted a really long time. The particles form a dense, gentle, but also harsh exfoliation to the skin.

Garnier Fructis Style Hairspray. My favorite hairspray, I think. This brand also has an anti-humidity line which is great for taming the mane in Oklahoma summers. The scent is very light and doesn’t smell like aerosol alcohol, not to mention that the hold is awesome.

Jus D’Amore Bath Bomb Trinity. This was one of the items in the Summer FabFitFun box. These bath bombs smelled really good but they weren’t as “bomby” as I thought they would be. I don’t think that I would purchase this product for the full retail value.

Retinol X Anti Aging Cleanser. I’m not super concerned with signs of aging at this point in my life but my skin LOVES retinol. Retinol has been amazing to help keep painful, cystic acne under control. This cleanser was very gentle and the little exfoliating beads were also very gentle. This is a great product and you can get it off Amazon if you want to give it a try.

Elf Illuminating Primer. I loved this makeup primer! It gives your skin this golden glow underneath your regular foundation. I definitely went through this bottle faster than I thought I would. I highly recommend this product if your skin looks a little dull.

The Body Shop Bath Gelee. This body scrub smelled SO good. I bought in the Blueberry scent and it definitely reminded me of summer every time I used it.

Ardel Eyebrow Pencils. Another great product. These sturdy, angled eyebrow pencils helped to give precise but natural looking coverage. I think I bought these at Walgreens during a sale.

PCA Skin Wash Oily Problem. I think I have mentioned this face wash also but it is my absolute go-to. If you buy this on Amazon it significantly reduces the retail cost. I will keep buying this over and over.

Stila Set & Illuminate Baked Powder. This normally retails for about $35 but I found it at TJMaxx for around $8. This powder was great to use as a setting powder over foundation or as a cheek highlighter. If I ever find this again for the same price, I will definitely get it again.

**In this picture were a bunch of random BirchBox samples that, to be honest, I’m feeling too lazy to go back and describe all of them** So basically there was nothing earth-shattering worth mentioning. Hehe.

I hope you enjoyed reading about all of these products! I already have a few things to mention in the next Empties, so stay tuned!

I SO appreciate all of the feedback I have been getting on these blog posts, it’s been really encouraging to me. Please feel to subscribe for automatic emails when I post something new. Also, please feel free to share these posts with your friends and family members 🙂 Again, thank you so much!

Love from, Amy.




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  1. I got some Alba products at TJMaxx too and I am pretty sure they are all free of that chemical list that I talked about earlier! I’m definitely going to be getting more of their stuff since it’s safer.

    Fun products!

    Emily Kelsay



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