Road Trip Essentials

“On the road again..I just can’t wait to get on the road again”

“Life is a highway…”

“Country roads take me home to the place I belooong”

Who here likes taking a nice, long road trip? When I was growing up, because there are six children in my family, we always took road trips when we would go on vacation because flying was just not an option. I am thankful for those times that my siblings and I would be all squished in the car/van/camper because they prepared me for trips I might take later on in life. I have a sister who lives in Chicago and my family has made numerous road trips to see her and the 12 hour ride doesn’t seem that bad anymore. But maybe I’m only speaking for myself.

Some friends and I recently took a road trip around the New England states and while the trip made for some awesome memories– it also reminded me of some essentials one must have in the car.

  1. Music. Having a playlist of songs or using streaming services like Pandora or Spotify can help during those long haul drives. Music can help keep you energized, awake, and can also be great inspiration for some carpool karaoke.
  2. Snacks. I always get the munchies on road trips because in my mind it seems as though there’s nothing else to do but sleep and eat. My favorite car snacks are popcorn, dried fruit, iced coffee, protein bars, and Hi Chew candy.
  3. Pillow. I’m so glad I took a neck pillow this last trip….this girl’s not as young as I once was. Haha, I joke….partially. I do have neck and back issues though so having something to lean up against and provide support helps when you’re cramped up in the car.
  4. Games. Road trip games are awesome forms of distraction when the trip starts to seem long and boring. The internet has a plethora of ideas as far as games, but consider your audience when researching. I found this list online a few weeks ago and some of these were really fun to play.
  5. Car chargers/auxiliary cords for phones. No explanation needed.
  6. Cash for tolls. Lesson learned this trip– you can never have too much cash on hand for tolls. It’s better to be safe than scrambling for loose money in the car.
  7. Positive attitude. Over the last few years I have come to realize this when traveling–there’s always the chance that something won’t go as planned and you may have to change plans. Having this mindset, for me, helps when dealing with unexpected changes. There’s no use getting super worked up about something you can’t control and it will make for some laughable memories later. Eventually, you will get home.

I hope this list can help you with the next road trip you plan to take! Let me know if you have any tips for road tripping that have worked for you.

Love from, Amy.


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