4 Ways to Wear a Trench Coat

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing so well and welcome back to another post on Love From Amy. I hope that, wherever you are, it is fall and that you are experiencing some glorious weather. It is finally starting to get chilly here in hormonal Oklahoma, which means that it is jacket/coat season.

Last spring I found a classic trench coat during a major sale at Gap and I have been so excited to bring it back out. I thought that I would share with you 4 different ways that a trench coat can be styled no matter what kind of day you are having.

Weekend/Lazy Day

After the work week, I cannot wait to just be in comfortable clothes on my days off. For this look I combined a basic grey pullover sweatshirt from the brand Green Teamy Senita Race Day Pantsand my Converse All Stars.

Casual/Jeans Day

On the days that you want to wear a casual, jeans look–these items are a great combination. This look contains a slouchy, dolman Mossimo shirt from Target, skinny jeans from Old Navy, and tan ankle boots from Gap Factory. I could not find these items online since I have had them for a while, but since they are pretty basic pieces I am sure it would not be too hard to find duplicates.

Business Casual/Work Day

For the days that you have to be a grown up and go to work, here is one of my go-to looks for the work day. This look includes a long, tunic style shirt from Meronablack skinny pants from Joe Freshand black, heeled ankle boots from the brand BambooI really like how black skinny pants look with black boots!


**Disclaimer: First of all, please excuse the ghostly white legs. It is part genetics/part I am never out in the sun.** The times that you might have something dressier to attend, a trench coat is so versatile for different looks. You can wear a dress and heels, a dress with boots, or a skirt set with heels or boots. For this look I paired a patterned peplum top from Deletta, a black pencil skirt from Old Navy, and strappy heels from LuLu’s.

I know that for the most part all of these pieces were neutral colors but I tried my best to incorporate some color and different patterns.

What are some of your favorite ways to style a trench coat? Thanks for tuning in to this post and don’t forget to subscribe if you never want to miss a post.

Love from, Amy.


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