Master Packing List for Carry-On Luggage

If anyone ever struggles to pack for a trip, especially in carry-on luggage, this post is just for you! Over the last several years, as I have started to travel more, I have developed a much easier mindset and basic packing system so that it’s not stressful when it comes to getting everything together. I have written a few blog posts about traveling and packing before, but I thought this one might be helpful to give you a guide if you need some help. 

This packing list is adaptable for any trip and special occasion items (i.e. Hiking boots, formal wear, rain gear, etc) can be added to fit with your trip occasion. The photo and link listed below is just your basic master packing list for any vacation, especially when traveling by plane. There have been so many times that I have brought random items that I justified bringing by saying “you never know when you might need this,” only to never have used it on the trip and have wasted packing space. I really like having this list so that I’m able to pack realistically and compactly and so I don’t have to check a bag when flying, because I’m always nervous about my things getting lost. I have family members who have had luggage lost on direct flights so I just prefer to pack in a carry-on. 

Feel free to save this list, print it, share it, and use it on your next adventure! Happy packing! 

Master Packing List

***Click here for my Master Packing List***



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