25 Random Facts About Me

Happy Friday, my friends! In case you are new to Love From Amy, I thought I would share some random, fun acts about me on the blog today! Have a great weekend!

  1. I took piano lessons for about 10 years and can barely remember anything.
  2. I love the ocean, it’s my happy place.
  3. I could eat carbs all day long.
  4. My favorite movies to watch on a rainy day are Doris Day movies, Little Women, any Jane Austen movie, or any of the Lord of the Rings.
  5. I love to read.
  6. I hate clowns, the circus terrified me as a child.
  7. In high school I thought I wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design and I even took classes for a few semesters. However, I learned that I might be interested in Social Work more because all of my designs were counseling offices or social work agencies.
  8. I have been to over 30 states in the US.
  9. My favorite color is gray/grey.
  10. I’m a little bit obsessed with the British Royals.
  11. I’m a little bit obsessed with anything British, to be honest.
  12. I hate mushrooms.
  13. I have an extreme anxiety response every time I see a snake.
  14. I used to think that Shamu was my best friend.
  15. I actually really enjoyed college.
  16. Iced coffee is one of my favorite things about summer.
  17. I’m a self-proclaimed meme nerd.
  18. I have been consistently blogging since January 2016.
  19. One of my favorite places that I’ve been to is Portugal.
  20. I really want to visit Greece at some point in my life.
  21. My favorite episode of The Office is the one with the Rabies Awareness 5k.
  22. I have never broken any bones but I have had one surgery.
  23. I really love coffee.
  24. I’m obsessed with my nieces and nephew and will talk about them to anyone.
  25. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger, and still kind of do but I might be too old to learn new tricks, haha!


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