Major Life Update: Husband and Dogs

Hi there friends, it’s been about 16 months since my last blog post. So much has happened since then! I couldn’t wait to update you with this blog post! Also, I want to come back and write consistently, but we all know that life happens–so please bear with me.

Regarding the year 2020–I do not want to spend the energy to write about or give space on this blog to talk about the pandemic–we all know it happened, continues to happen, and it’s been devastating for so many people around the world. My heart has ached for so many reasons during this pandemic. However, I have always desired that this blog would encourage, bring life, spark joy, and be a fun place to visit. So I will move forward with that ambition. Perhaps one day, I will write about how the last year impacted me, but that’s not what this post is about today. So here we go.

First of all, I GOT MARRIED! My husband and I met each other during the summer of 2020 and had the pretty quick realization that we wanted to be together. We dated from around August-February 2021, got engaged in February, and were married in May of 2021. Married life with B has been the absolute best. I am so thankful that he is the one that the Lord gave to me to marry. I still wake up so many days in complete shock and excitement that I get to build and live a life with him. I could go on and on. I do plan to write a blog post soon about how to plan a wedding in three months. We had the best time planning our wedding! It can happen in three months!

My second major update is that I became a dog mom! I started to think about the possibility of getting a dog in 2019, but once the pandemic had been going on for a little while–I knew 2020 was the year it would happen. I became a mom to Archie Gray, an eight-week-old Weimaraner (at the time) puppy. He is now nine months old and almost 70 pounds. Life with Archie has been so fun! He always keeps us guessing what he will do next. He eats a lot, runs around a lot, has several barks for his various moods, and does not like to be left alone. My husband also had two dogs before we were married, so I am also a dog mom of three now! I hope to write a blog post soon about what I’ve learned since raising Archie. Would you be interested in reading that?

I hope to be back so soon with more posts and write about all things related to life, marriage, dogs, house, etc. Until next time!


3 Replies to “Major Life Update: Husband and Dogs”

  1. So glad you have dogs. Another thing we have in common. Our rescue just took on a 12 week old terrier mix from a hoarding situation. Puppies can be a handful but so excited about life. Uplifting and funny.
    Thanks for the blog.


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