Things I’m Loving Lately

This month seems to be flying by, which is so sad because it’s my favorite month of all! To me, September is all about fresh starts, a new season, and it seems to be the month that my creative spirit wants to run free! Even the little things in this season are so exciting and new. Life has been so busy the last few months; it has also been full of joy. Today’s blog post is all about the little things that I’ve recently been loving!


I have LOVED cooking again. I didn’t do this very well for myself when I was single, but now that I’m cooking for more than just myself–it’s been so fun! My husband also loves to cook; we have had a great time looking for recipes and testing them together. Some of our favorite things to cook over the summer were baked ratatouille, gluten-free fried chicken, homemade sushi, and many others.

The Daily Connoisseur

My oldest sister introduced me to the YouTube channel and blog of The Daily Connoisseur last October. The creator and author behind The Daily Connoisseur are Jennifer L. Scott. She is also the author of the Madame Chic book series. Jennifer’s YouTube channel and blog are devoted to all things related to homemaking, art, culture, etiquette, and other chic topics. I love watching her videos related to time management, organization, cooking, and homemaking. Jennifer is also known for creating the 10 item wardrobe system, which has helped me so much as I’ve been cleaning out my closet! You can visit Jennifer’s channel by following this link.

Going to the Gym

Yep. The gym is one of the things that I’ve absolutely been loving again. Going to the gym 3-4 times a week has helped me feel better in so many areas. It’s become part of my routine during the week; throwing a packed gym bag in the car in the mornings has helped me not go home first and talk myself out of going. More than anything, going to the gym has helped me to manage my work stress a little better; by getting it all out before I go home. If you have a stressful job, I recommend that you find a way to cope with and manage stress before you go home to your family at the end of the day. Your spouse or family does not need to be the target to whom you vent and let all your stress out. I’ve sometimes had to learn that lesson the hard way.


There are two books that I’ve been reading over the last few months that I’ve enjoyed. The first is The Jane Austen Diet by Jane Austen and Bryan Kozlowski. If you know me, then you know that I love anything that is British. Love. I’m obsessed. Please give me all of the British things! Jane Austen is no exception. This book was fascinating to read and then understand what life and culture around food, health, and lifestyle were like in Jane Austen’s day. If you would like to become a Regency-era woman, read this book!

The second book that I’ve enjoyed is Sensitive & Strong by Denise J. Hughes and Cheri Gregory. I am a highly sensitive person. I am. As much as I have tried to ignore or acknowledge that, it’s part of who God created me to be. This book has been so helpful with understanding the thoughts, emotions, and hearts of other highly sensitive people. While others may not understand this, it’s beautiful to realize that this is how God created some people. There are both healthy and unhealthy thought patterns that can happen if you are a highly sensitive person. However, this book helps to navigate them appropriately. If you are a family member of a highly sensitive person, I also suggest that you read this book! The more we learn about and understand the aspects of each other’s personalities, the better we can serve and love one another.

Comment below with some things that you have been loving! I would love to know what they are! Thank you for stopping by the blog today; I hope you come again for the next blog post.


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  1. I can’t seem to leave a comment on your post but I’m sure enjoying reading it ! I’ve been finishing up canning summer fruit from my freezer!

    Tammi Miller


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