28 Things About Me

In the spirit of still celebrating my birthday month, today I’m sharing with you 28 random facts about me. I wrote one of these posts 3 years ago (I can’t believe it) and it’s funny to look back on those facts as well, haha! If you want to read that post, I’ve linked it here. If you are new to this blog, I hope you enjoy reading these things and getting to know me a little better.

  1. I love making lists.
  2. I cannot braid my own hair anymore–it’s too short and I don’t remember how to do it for myself. I can braid other people’s hair–just not mine.
  3. On my days off you can find me wearing ripped jeans and a black hoodie.
  4. Cooking and experimenting with food has become such a hobby of mine.
  5. I am a huge advocate for the importance of self-care, rest, and taking care of your body, mind, and soul.
  6. I have a never-ending stack of books always waiting to be read.
  7. I recently started taking boxing classes with some of my friends and I love that it makes me feel so tough.
  8. I’m trying to stop saying the words “anxious, scared, fearful, afraid, etc.” so much. I realized the other day that I had been doing that a lot and I don’t like that.
  9. My closet is pretty much black, grey, navy, and stripes.
  10. I cut my hair super short this year and I think this look is sticking for a while.
  11. I learned how to make my own almond milk this year and it’s pretty yummy.
  12. Family and my community of friends are essential in my life–I couldn’t do life without them.
  13. I think that fall mornings are just wonderful.
  14. I cry every time I watch Little Women and/or Anne of Green Gables. Every. Single. Time.
  15. I collect candles–there’s always an occasion for one.
  16. I could eat breakfast food for any/all meals of the day.
  17. I am so excited to do some traveling next month.
  18. This year I rediscovered my love of camping.
  19. Sour Patch anythings are my favorite kind of candy.
  20. Boy Meets World is my favorite show to watch if I need something to binge-watch.
  21. I believe that ice cream should NEVER be made in savory flavors. I saw a carrot and tumeric flavor the other day and, I’m sorry but, that’s just wrong.
  22. I sleep with about 6 pillows every night.
  23. I believe in speaking life into one another, and I’m trying to do that more for myself also.
  24. My cup of coffee is a highlight of my mornings.
  25. I am always planning a next vacation.
  26. When I was younger I had a yoyo named “Jimmy” and I would drag Jimmy around like a dog.
  27. I am slightly considering getting a dog next year.
  28. I am eating waffles for dinner (Can you tell that I’ve run out of facts this evening, haha!).


25 Random Facts About Me

Happy Friday, my friends! In case you are new to Love From Amy, I thought I would share some random, fun acts about me on the blog today! Have a great weekend!

  1. I took piano lessons for about 10 years and can barely remember anything.
  2. I love the ocean, it’s my happy place.
  3. I could eat carbs all day long.
  4. My favorite movies to watch on a rainy day are Doris Day movies, Little Women, any Jane Austen movie, or any of the Lord of the Rings.
  5. I love to read.
  6. I hate clowns, the circus terrified me as a child.
  7. In high school I thought I wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design and I even took classes for a few semesters. However, I learned that I might be interested in Social Work more because all of my designs were counseling offices or social work agencies.
  8. I have been to over 30 states in the US.
  9. My favorite color is gray/grey.
  10. I’m a little bit obsessed with the British Royals.
  11. I’m a little bit obsessed with anything British, to be honest.
  12. I hate mushrooms.
  13. I have an extreme anxiety response every time I see a snake.
  14. I used to think that Shamu was my best friend.
  15. I actually really enjoyed college.
  16. Iced coffee is one of my favorite things about summer.
  17. I’m a self-proclaimed meme nerd.
  18. I have been consistently blogging since January 2016.
  19. One of my favorite places that I’ve been to is Portugal.
  20. I really want to visit Greece at some point in my life.
  21. My favorite episode of The Office is the one with the Rabies Awareness 5k.
  22. I have never broken any bones but I have had one surgery.
  23. I really love coffee.
  24. I’m obsessed with my nieces and nephew and will talk about them to anyone.
  25. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger, and still kind of do but I might be too old to learn new tricks, haha!