Whole 30 Week 4 Recap

Two nights ago, I actively dreamt that every time someone turned their back to me, I ate cream puffs. The whole time I was having this dream, I could just hear myself yelling “noooo! Don’t do that! You’re on Whole30 and you’re almost done!!” I told you, these sugar cravings have been intense. But yes, I am almost done and I’m so glad I decided to do the full Whole30. This week has been just as busy as the last few weeks, so I haven’t done great on meal planning. However, I am pretty satisfied with the things that I was able to make/eat this week and I think that it’s going to be easy, at this point, to continue eating Whole30 meals. Here are a few of the things I’ve been eating this week.

Reasor’s Grocery Store Salad Bar

The other night I had 30 minutes in between getting off work and having to be at another commitment for the rest of the evening, and I needed to grab some dinner out. There is a grocery store right down the street from my work and it has a really great salad bar, so I decided to just stop by. I was able to get a pretty decent sized and healthy meal for about $5–you can’t beat that!

Zoodles with Garlic Shrimp and Tomatoes

I’ve really enjoyed making “zoodle” (aka zucchini noodles) dishes lately! You get a good amount of vegetables and you can put in so many different things. I sautéed some medium-sized, frozen shrimp in olive oil and minced garlic, mixed in some diced tomatoes, and then added in the zoodles.

Cauliflower Rice with Sausage and Marinara Sauce

Cauliflower rice is also another thing that I can see myself making a lot in the future. You can also add in so many things with this “rice” and make many different dishes. All you have to do is shred a head of cauliflower in the food processor and then sauté in olive oil until soft. I added in some left over marinara sauce and Italian sausage to this dish, and it was deeeeeelish!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these recaps and that you’ve been inspired to eat healthier and try out some new recipes! I have 4 days left of Whole30 and I know it’ll be a breeze. Again, I am so glad that I decided to do Whole3o and I have definitely seen and felt some great results in the last month!

Let me know if you ever decide to do Whole30 and if you want more tips and recipes!

Love from, Amy.


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