Happy Blogiversary 

Today is a really exciting day for me because it’s the 1 year anniversary/birthday of Love From Amy! Happy blogiversary!! I’m really glad that I decided to stick with the blogging process and I have learned so much about blogging this past year. I have some really cool statistics to share with you, to help you understand just how excited I am.

Views since January 2016: over 2,000

Visitors since January 2016: over 1,000

Countries of readers since January 2016: 27

Blog posts published since January 2016: over 60

I’m so happy with these statistics and can’t wait for the, hopeful, continued growth and views in 2017. I have a few possible plans in the back of my mind for things I want to accomplish in 2017, so please stay tuned. I thought that I would also share with you the most viewed blog posts and my personal favorites of 2016.

Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Posts:

  1. For the Fearful Heart
  2. For the Grieving Heart. I’m really encouraged that these were the top 2 viewed posts because there was a lot of thought, heart, and emotion behind what sparked them, and I hope others were encouraged as well.
  3. Fall Lookbook 2016
  4. New Name. Same Girl. If you want to know more about why I started this blog, read this post.
  5. 3 Fall Makeup Looks

My Top 5 Favorite Blog Posts:

  1. Iceland Travel Guide. This was one of the most beautiful, unexpected places that I’d ever seen and it’s at the top of the list of favorite trips ever.
  2. Washington D.C. Travel Guide. I really treasure the time I’ve spent in D.C. because the times I have been were mainly for soul rest and quality time with my friend, Steph. I really loved being able to recap the short trip in this blog post.
  3. Snapshots of 25. This blog post was so cool for me to look back and think of all the highlights of being 25.
  4. August Favorites. I’m adding this post in as a favorite because I think from this point on, I figured out my blogging style and how I wanted photos to look on the blog and on Instagram.
  5. Drinking Coffee on Tulsa Time. This was such a fun blog post for me to create because I was able to go to all of my favorite coffee shops and just drink coffee. I’ll still look back over it every now and then if I’m in a coffee rut and need ideas of where to go.

I have been able to meet some other bloggers this past year and have also received some great advice from them about blogging/photos/etc. Hootsuite, VSCO, and Over have become some of my go-to apps this past year.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has viewed the blog, subscribed, given me feedback, and have helped me create the content!

As far as February goes this year, I plan to have new blog posts up every Tuesday and Friday this month. Make sure to subscribe if you never want to miss one of those posts!

Love from, Amy.


3 Replies to “Happy Blogiversary ”

  1. I am so proud of you in many respects. Continue on in your blogging. And you look phenomenal, fabulous, and on and on

    Your Papa loves you!


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