Guest Post for Loved + Blessed: Cultivating Hospitality

Happy December and happy almost Christmas! I hope you have been spending time with family and friends this season. This weekend, my husband and I decorated our Christmas tree, hung lights on our house, and tackled some of our Christmas shopping. It has been such a sentimental month so far!

Also, this month I had the opportunity to guest write again for  Loved+Blessed, a ministry FULL of encouragement! L+B provides monthly subscription boxes that you can purchase for yourself or send to a loved one. Each month has a different encouragement emphasis; how special! 

The topic that I chose to write about centers around hospitality. I love hosting, planning, and having people over, especially during the holidays. I will share an excerpt from my post down below, but head over to L+B’s page to read the remainder.

Continue to ask yourself as well, is my home one that glorifies God? Do I speak about Him and praise Him in front of my family? Do I pray to the Lord in front of my family and encourage them to seek Him as well? Is my home a place where worshipping Christ takes place? When we purpose to make our homes and hearts places where Christ may enter, we will be able to pour out His love so much more to others. Is my home a place where people can come and hear about Jesus and draw closer to Him? If someone came over to my house, would they be able to tell that it is a house that serves the Lord? However, that does not mean that the whole house needs to have all the cute signs and Christian decor displayed, but rather how will someone feel when they walk through my door? Will they be able to sense the presence of God in my house?

Cultivating Hospitality– Loved + Blessed


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