#1: Intentions for the New Year

Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe it’s already 2022…the last couple of years felt like a blip in time. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and that you are safe and well, wherever you may be.

I wanted to start the new year with a blog post all about my intentions for the next year. I have not made resolutions for myself the last several years, because I typically do not follow through (anyone else been there??). However, there are some changes that I would like to make this year and these are the things that I intend to do.

Health Intentions

This year, I am really hoping to pay better attention to my health. There are a few areas that I have really lacked caring for since the beginning of 2020. Some of the areas that I want to focus on are taking vitamins regularly, exercising in some form each day, and cutting back on foods that cause inflammation. I used to be really diligent with all of these things, but they fell to the wayside when the pandemic began,

Writing Intentions

You might wonder why this blog post began with a number? There are normally 52 weeks in a year, and so I intend to write one each week this year, and will hopefully post them at the beginning of the week. I love the whole process of writing and it’s been such a fun source of creativity for me in the past several years. Is there anything that you would like me to write about? Some of the topics that I will be focusing on this year are encouragement (first and foremost), cooking, home life, and book reviews. Let’s see if I can write 52 posts this year!!

Reading Intentions

I LOVE to read and to learn new things. I have had a basket next to my bed for months that is full to the brim with books to read. I intend to read 25 books this year. What are some books that you think I should read? I just finished the book Reading People by Anne Bogel and it was fascinating! This book covers the many personality types, tests, and it helps the readers understand the personalities of others. The chapter that stood out to me was the 3rd one, in which it describes highly sensitive people (HSP). I will write more about this later in the month, but I have loved learning about this topic in the last year, since discovering that I am an HSP.

Quiet Time Intentions

This year I intend to have consistent quiet times with God. I will need His help, since I can be distracted easily and do other things instead, but I know He will strengthen that desire if I ask. I do not know the specific time of the day that this will work best for me, especially since I am NOT a morning person (as my husband would agree with), but I am hopeful for the times that I will get to be with the Lord.

What are some things that you intend to do this year? I would love you know!

Until next time, love from Amy!


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